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HORNBECKS BOOKS AND VIDEOS is real dog training information and instruction for serious dog trainers and for law enforcement.  Founded 20 plus years ago by Jim Hornbeck, these K-9 training books and videos are distributed and recognized worldwide as some of the best K-9 training tools, videos, and books for detection dogs available.  Jim's dedication to law enforcement also allowed him to do some great work in the field of drug interdiction with and without a K-9.  His understanding of dogs and the law enabled him to create books and videos packed full of knowledge and information that he made available to us all. 

Narcotic Detection and Man-Tracking Training Special


Unemployed or Laid off?  Do you love dogs?  Do you have the desire and determination to make a life and life-style change?


This may be just what you are looking for.  This K-9 training package is the most comprehensive detection dog training offer available.  We have carefully selected these 6 k-9 training videos and 3 k-9 training books to give you information from start to finish on training a narcotic detection dog plus a great video to get you started on K-9 Man-Tracking.  We start you off with puppy training and obedience training then into the narcotic detection k-9 training and k-9 man-tracking.  You will also learn the difference in active and passive alert and how to train your drug dog for either one.  Also included is enough narcotic detection K-9 training logs and K-9 man-tracking training logs to last you for an entire year in soft cover spiral bound books.  If you were to purchase all these items separately it would cost $293.55, by purchasing them together through this special offer they are only $239.95 and shipping is FREE. You save over $50.00.  In addition, for a limited time we will add 1 full order of the NARCOTIC SCENTED K-9 TRAINING AIDS in Marijuana scent and 2 cloth k-9 training tugs.  This is an additional $60.00 savings.  Just click the Add to Cart button below.  Orders are processed through PayPal and will be shipped within 2 business days of receiving your order.  This is available in DVD only. 

Just $239.95 and Shipping is Free

Detection K-9 Training Aids


trainingaid-terrycloth-1Narcotic Odors: $49.95 plus shipping

Specify Odor(s)


Narcotic detection K-9 training aids come in the following odors:




These are not Pseudo odors, they are scented with real narcotics.

The drug dog training aids (1 odor) are packaged in 6 separate small plastic containers stored inside one larger plastic container. Each scent odor (6 per container) is $49.95 plus shipping. Each odor will come packed in its own separate large container.

These pre-scented training aids will last six months or longer, if stored in the larger container. 82806

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